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Independent, comprehensive, authoritative sportfishing information for nearly four decades

"Best of the Best Award" - Field & Stream; "Mr. Fishing USA" - ESPN; Inductee, Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame


Ken has recently partnered with one of the world's largest information-content websites,, to provide one of the most fishing-centric information sources on the internet:

Here you'll find a wealth of knowledge on fishing equipment, techniques, basic skills, species, seasonal fishing, catch and release, fish care, fisheries regulations and management, and so much more. New content is being added all the time, and older information is regularly updated. We're building a great resource, and hope you refer to it often. To sign up for Ken's weekly newsletter from that site, click here.


A great gift item, Ken Schultz's Daily Fishing Tips 2015 is a
page-a-day calendar published by Gladstone Media and packed with valuable information that will help any angler catch more fish, catch bigger fish, get better performance from fishing equipment, properly land and handle fish, and much more. This is the 9th annual version of Ken Schultz's Daily Fishing Tips, each one new and with different tips and photos.

More than 300 explicit tips written by Ken overlay a wide range of full-color fishing-related photographs taken by Ken to specifically illustrate the subject. The content is direct, explicit, and authoritative. Visit the 
Tip-A-Day Calendar page for more information.


Writing and photography for 
The Complete Guide to North American Fishing, a revised third edition of Ken Schultz's North American Fishing, to be published by Carlton Books, has been completed and the book is in production. Written and photographed by Ken Schultz, this hardcover edition has dozens of new photos and captions in addition to revised text. With the latest and most up-to-date information, it will be the new premier book about all aspects of freshwater and saltwater fishing. We'll have a photo of the cover and inside spreads when they become available. Info about the previous edition can be found here.

More Books in the Pipeline:
We're in the early stages of some exciting new publishing projects. That means more books to come, after finishing research (translation: fishing effort). We'll keep you posted.

KEN SCHULTZ’S FISHING ENCYCLOPEDIA Also a Worldwide Angling Guide, this is the award-winning, definitive, A to Z guide to all things fishing: 1,916 pages, more than 1.5 million words of text, over 1,700 illustrations. Referenced in many Wikipedia articles, used by lure designers all over the world, subject of a boatload of accolades, licensed by several websites, this the fishing book to end all fishing books. Originally published in 1996 by John Wiley & Sons and then acquired by Turner Publishing, it is sold by many online booksellers, but, sadly, there is no digital or ebook version. More info…

- Organized by topic, this information-packed hardcover reference book offers fast and easy access to all of the fishing facts, instructions, and tips you need to get more bites, land more big ones, and have a lot more fun every time you dip a line in the water. A handsome large-format book first published by John Wiley & Sons and then acquired by Turner PublishingEssentials has over 450 illustrations in 480 pages. More info…

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